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21 Feb

Once you are in My Computer look to see if your i Pod was recognized by the computer. If it is still not showing up continue on to step 6. If you are still encountering a problem visit and have us diagnose the i Pod for free. I tried the i Tunes route and deleted the processed and restarted i Tunes. I'm also not able to right click on the i Pod and see a format option. When I set up i Tunes on my laptop, finally, I was unable to connect my i Pod to i Tunes.

The letter will vary from computer to computer; it all depends on how many physical drives you have and on what other drives are connected. When you are in the processes tab look to see if any of the following processes are shown. Once you have done this wait for a couple of minutes. Most of the options you show don't show up when I right click. I tried a bunch of stuff that Apple suggested but nothing worked. All it did was erase everything on my i Pod and make it completely useless.

You own a xx GB i Pod and till yesterday it was working fine then all of a sudden i Tunes monster tells you “Error ipod is corrupt please restore”. In case of the last one, you must rush to apple for support. The menus all work on the IPOD, it has no music on it. I just change my computer and when I connected my Ipod to the new computer, it all started.

You connected it and the “do not disconnect” was blinking forever and you had to disconnect it manually. It has been restored at least 4 times and still says it’s corrupted. I can play games, just can’t get it recognized or uncorrupted. The only new action I did was to install a newly downloaded i Tunes. all are new version already, Ipod and Itunes, but still have the same problem of long detection of the Ipod.

So you received your new i Pod and you are so excited to use it.

You plug the USB cord in the computer and plug the other end into your i Pod. For some reason i Tunes is not detecting your i Pod. The reality is that it is most likely just i Tunes. If it reads something like 1 terrabyte then the hard drive/flash drive is bad. You have to be able to select FAT32 as the file system.

“Change drive letter and paths…” then change the drive letter to something different. Then click the plus sign and find the one with your device (it should say something like “USB Mass Storage Device.”.

This solution is simple too, but please be aware that you will lose all your data.

Below we will tell you about two ways to fix your i Pod from being stuck in Recovery Mode.

Very importantly, this solution will protect your data during the process. offers a System Recovery tool, - i OS System Recovery which works for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch. Select 'System Recovery', then connect your i Pod to your computer with a USB cable and will detect your device. Power off your i Pod by sliding the slider confirmation to the off position. Connect the i Pod with the USB cable while continuing to hold the 'Home' button down.

This finally worked, did follow Apple's advice, no luck at all even after several attempts and other things too, must have re-installed i-tunes eight times at least. :)My dad cleared my laptop a few months ago, so i Tunes has been deleted along with it. when I get to this screen and I right click, im not given the option of format? i have done everything in this tutorial but when i get to the last step, it does not let me chose " FAT32" or "default allocation size" there are only blanks there. When you power up the ipod put your ear to the back and listen for a clicking noise.

And then I re installed a new one and added only videos and music. A lot of things are saved in my i Pod is not available in i Tunes. I only have open, open in new window, import pictures and videos, create shortcut and properties. Please help, i am running itunes 9 on a PCIf it leaves those blank then you have one of 3 problems. If you hear nothing you might be lucky, and it could be the cable.