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12 Jun

But in the few rape trials involving a drunken victim who had been socializing with her alleged attacker, juries acquitted the accused rapist each time, a Journal-World analysis of a decade of adult rape cases found.

More cases of this sort never went to trial, and defendants either pleaded to lesser crimes or saw their charges dismissed altogether.

She has been an assistant principal for 8 years, the past 4 at Whitewater Academy.

As a National Board Certified Teacher, she earned many awards for teaching and still has a strong passion for family literacy in schools. She resides in Charlotte with her husband, daughter and dog. Amanda Huffman has served as a Dean at Whitewater Academy for two years.

Interviews with the district attorney and a defense attorney also contributed.

The Journal-World traditionally has not named suspects in sex crimes unless and until they are found guilty. In the past 10 years, Douglas County juries convicted three rapists who physically overpowered their victims, threatened them with weapons or broke into their homes.

In the past 10 years, 48 men have been charged with rape in Douglas County, but only four were found guilty of the crime. 3 — Jury trial with guilty verdict 1 — Guilty plea, as charged 13 — Guilty plea, to lesser sex crime 12 — Guilty plea, to non-sex crime 4 — Jury trial with not-guilty verdict 10 — Charges dismissed 5 — Cases pending The Journal-World compiled rape charges and outcomes for cases filed in the past 10 years from electronic searches provided by both the Douglas County District Court clerk’s and district attorney’s offices, as filing systems differ between the two. Other sexual assault charges, juvenile cases and cases with victims younger than 14 were not included.

Case narratives were compiled from past Journal-World articles and a review of case files by the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office at the request of the Journal-World.

All names presented here were gathered at a past date.Alcohol-fueled acquaintance rape cases, including some that went viral after media reports, have gotten national attention this year because of their prevalence at universities, though they’re not limited to college campuses.When trying them in real court versus the court of public opinion, many barriers stand between a woman’s accusation and imprisoning a man for the serious felony of rape — not the least of which are witness accounts blurred by booze and victims’ understandable unwillingness to rehash a personally violating experience in public. "You're so new to each other that you don't have any common ground yet," therapist Jill Whitney explains. While there are ways to make things less uncomfortable, even the concept of a first date leads to inevitable awkwardness.