Penguin dating website

20 Jan

“Unfortunately, our cousins in the wild are having a tough time out there – there may be as few as 10,000 pairs of us left in the wild!

”We're helping penguin, Spruce reel in his catch!

Not to mention the dating horror stories when you actually do meet up and find you're totally incompatible.

I've heard there can be some real animals out there! Meet Spruce, the one-year-old Humboldt penguin who is jumping into the online dating pool.

Thanks for sharing our penguin's dating profile @mags4dorset!

If the lady penguins still aren’t convinced, Spruce also loves the band Reel Big Fish, is a fan of Batman (but secretly roots for The Penguin) and has an athletic body type.

" Spruce's profile lists him as a less than 5-foot tall nonsmoker, with interests including seafood, diving, conservation and the band Reel Big Fish.

"Naturally, I'm a Batman fan, but I'm still waiting for The Penguin to come out on top," Spruce's profile states.

A little young, true, “but finding a mate isn’t all black and white – a lot of research has to go into finding the right lady for me, and the right girl will need to move to Weymouth – so we’re putting feelers out now.” Plus, he has a few roommates. ” That’s why they’re at it now, working to find Spruce a mate to add to the park’s breeding program for as soon as he’s ready.

The Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is located in the south of England, approximately three hours southwest of London.