Muslim girls dating jewish boys

08 May

If you do, first their clitoris will be cut off, and then their head if they ever dishonor the family by acting like teenage girls. All your husband has to do to divorce you is recite a sentence in Arabic three times.

If you move to an Arab village and get raped, your rapists can accuse you of adultery.

" It's my hope that - intermarried or not - more Jews and Muslims can begin to look at our common beliefs and heritage and see each other as family! Author: Child of an intermarriage ( Date: 09-13-02 I read the piece by Nora Lester Murad and it makes me wonder.

She mentions that her oldest child protested against being taken to a mosque (they're teaching their children about both religions) because she doesn't think of herself as an Arab.

In order to make a relationship succeed, both partners have to constantly work together.

I'm Jewish, married to a Muslim man for 5 years (and going strong) and have to say it's wonderful and really heartwarming to find - despite all the craziness in the world these days - a real blossoming of support in the Jewish community around our partnership.

When my husband and I first met, and we were discussing our different religious backgrounds, his response was, "oh you're Jewish; so that makes us 'cousins'!

Is a six-year-old mature enough yet to know what's best for her? Author: Sarah ( Date: 09-17-02 From my understanding of Nora Lester Murad's article, her daughter was crying out of fear, not religious conflict.

November, 2004 When arranged marriages were common practice, it was background and families that brought couples together.