Lrc potentiometer dating

24 Oct

LUTZE Inc Affiliations The SUPERFLEX® HIPERFACE-DSL® by the automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt, is an optimised version of its successful hybrid cable series for servomotors.

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Additionally, single-control circuits have been proposed which modify tonal response in various ways some of which roll-off the high frequencies in some given manner.

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Ignoring the cap, the two pots are in parallel, so two 250k pots equates effectively to 125k, two 500k or one 250k and a no-load is 250k, and a 250k and a 500 k is 167k (Rtotal = 1/(1/R1 1/R2))Let’s look at the use of various pot pairs, Volume/Tone, starting with single coil pickups.

Cap value is unimportant, but was modelled with 22n F.