Lagos dating

01 Jun

The key is to keep the date light so you can still function at work the next day. What other ideas for dates during work week do you have – let us know? Cos we all gotta eat sometime Everybody has to eat sometime, even during the work week – why not eat with someone special. Cos sometimes we just need to escape reality Almost everyone loves going to the movies – what’s not to love – popcorn, drinks, dark room, great movie.

Below I have 3 scenarios with suggested looks that will keep your date interested and ensure you still look professional at work. Whether it’s your boyfriend, first date or a friend you’ve had ur eye on for a while (wink wink) make it happen. Cos we all want to blame it on the alcohol Sometimes all you really want is to drink after completing that project and that’s fine. Of course drink responsibly because you have work the next day. For the skirt and blazer, you can simply take of the blazer after work, change your bag and voila you are good to go. A movie during the week can help distress and restore your sanity for a brief moment during the hectic work week.

This option is only interesting if both of you have interests in art.

Is there a free dating app available in the country?The place is a simple restaurant located at shop 3B, Circle Mall, by Jakande Round About, Lekki-Epe Expressway.The restaurant has a variety of foods, drinks and all sorts of refreshment.Then if you finally manage to get all the above ticked, there’s something wrong with the throat-cutting prices you’ll be asked to pay; When it comes to giving that special someone a treat, there are certainly more than enough affordable Lagos restaurants.You just need to take time out to find out where they are and if you’re reading this article, congrats! If you’re on a budget and still desire a decent spot to hang out with your partner, the restaurants below have your back and you can be sure to get meals for two here at a price of N10,000 or less.