Jehovah witness dating a non believer Without pay or credit card sex chat free

08 Apr

Also, that 144,000 mentioned in Revelation will be ruling in the heavens with God.I was wondering what the Christian view of this is and the Scriptures in which they come from.Comments: Ok, so basically my story is this: I met this girl about 8 months ago.She and I hit it off great--lots of similar interests.Catholics believe in eternal hell, heaven and temporal purgatory.Good people would be allowed to enter the heavens by St.Well, for starters, the Bible teaches that when a person dies his soul goes to be with the Lord, if he is a true believer in Jesus Christ (2 Cor. Or, if he is an unbeliever and has not repented of his sin and embraced Christ by faith, he is cast into outer darkness.It is not that people "sleep" in the sense that they are unconscious during the time between their death and the return of Christ.

That lasted for 3 months, during which I didn't often speak to my friend (the first girl, who I still had strong feelings for).Just as one's genetics may determine eye color, so also they determine one's skin color and so on.The question of dating other religions is a bit tricky.Should a Christian date someone who follows one of the cults: Mormonism, Adventism, Jehovah's Witness, Christian Science?Or is the question, "Should a Christian date someone of another denomination? In the Old Testament, God told Abraham he should not get a wife for Isaac from among the heathen (Genesis 24:5).