Holly valance dating billionaire

12 Mar

She said: "Mark experienced Christian as a volatile and dangerous man." Mr Holyoake borrowed £12m from Christian Candy's company CPC in October 2011 to help him buy Grosvenor Gardens House in Belgravia, London, to convert into a luxury property for a substantial profit.

But he told the court he eventually paid back more than £37m on the two-year loan and had to sell up at a loss of £100m in potential profits after incurring millions of pounds in legal fees and other costs.

She said Christian had allegedly vowed to "f*** him up", in reference to her husband.

Her statement, filed in the high court and seen by Business Insider, said: "Mark informed me that Christian had repeatedly threatened him saying such things as he would destroy him and his family, he would 'nuclear bomb his entire world' and would 'f*** him up' in any way possible if he did not do exactly what was asked of him." Her statement added: "[Mark Holyoake] told me that Christian had made various threats, but the one that I remember him telling me about is that Christian would put us under so much pressure as a family that I would have another miscarriage." Mark Holyoake is suing the Candy brothers over a £12 million loan issued by them to fund his project with the Grosvenor Gardens apartment block.

Holyoake claims he was pressured into repaying £32 million and withdrawing from the project, losing an estimated £100 million in profits by selling to the Candys before completion.Mr Holyoake, 44, alleges he and his family were subjected to a campaign of intimidation, including threats against his then pregnant wife, Emma.Ms Holyoake had told the court that links between the Candy brothers and several high-profile figures who died in mysterious circumstances "made me fear for my husband's life".They have yet to tell the court their side of the case.In her statement, Emma Holyoake also claimed a once-warm friendship with Nick Candy's wife, popstar Holly Valance.