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06 Jun

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Well, Secret Poke is yet French dating startup that should help you figure things out.and then it has the latin prayer on it so it likely didnt belong to the vikings and there are 6th century carvings depicting almost the same helmet *brain explodes* if anyone has any resources they could share as always it would be appreciated.the goal of gaining understanding of the coppergates historical context is based around the goal of understanding the sort of man who would have worn it, and through that, what would match the helmet in terms of things like sword typology, clothing, accessories etc.I guess it is possible the helmet could have been in use form the 7th to the 9th.... Suppose it had been passed down through various owners over a period of several centuries? By far the burial dating is also the most secure as we have organic material that was tested an gave more secure time frames.If it was made in the 6th century and buried in the 9th century, should it be dated to the 6th or 9th century? Trying to figure the date it was made is much more difficult.