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11 Feb

Monthly, she writes articles covering topics that range from fashion, technology and the latest must-have gadgets.And nightly, she researches and blogs about interactive tech toys.Definitely not camera-shy, Syuzi has made two guest appearance on Craft Lab, the DIY Network's new, hip crafting DIY Television series.Her television debut aired on January 1, 2007 and will be followed by another scheduled for July 2008.

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These changes, however, have somewhat rendered Weibo a kind of mutant where Twitter’s open and fast information dissemination and chat applications’ ability to support specified audience for closed communication are both lost.From time to time, quarrels break out even among their own fans who favor a particular member in the group, which often leads to non-fans’ insults that theirs are “brain-dead fans” (, or 脑残粉).Despite all that, TFBOYS’s cultural significance is undeniable.The user can download content directly from a link or via torrent file link.They can also share content seamlessly between accounts, on the web via links, and across various Chinese social platforms.