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01 Dec

Chris is one of the funniest men of this time—seriously, I’m smiling and laughing to myself even while I write out this recommendation!

Pastor Tim Shuttlesworth, Senior Pastor Calvary Temple – Worthington, WV I’ve been around the world a few times and I’ve met thousands of pastors. His love for God and people combines with his brilliant, strategic mind—and what you get is Believers Victory Center, a river of hope flowing generously through the mountains and valleys of West Virginia!A restraining order was subsequently obtained and served to Saari prohibiting any further contact, to include entering the victim’s property.During the course of their investigation, police placed a motion sensing camera on the victim’s property with the intent of confirming or dispelling the victim’s allegations.The male subsequently called out to the victim saying open the curtain and show yourself.At no time was the victim able to see the male subject, but recognized the voice to be that of Saari.