Building and updating map caches with arcgis server 10

30 Mar

Each bundle is 128 tiles x 128 tiles in dimension, totaling 16,384 tiles.

The compact format offers these advantages: To support the new format, Arc GIS Server 10.0 uses a new cache generation architecture.

The caching tools have been designed to allow you to script cache updates and target the updates at specific parts of the cache. This help topic lists the tools available to you and contains some examples to help you get started writing scripts.

It also describes migration of older scripts from Arc GIS Server 9.2 to later versions.

Using caching enhancements in Arc GIS Server 10, you can now build, manage, and use map service caches in new and innovative ways.

The presenter will also introduce new cache import/export tools that let you merge cached images from multiple sources into a single cache.

As with the other update modes, you can set a rectangular extent or a feature class as boundaries for creating empty tiles.

In the image below, all tiles outlined in blue would be created using tool.

This tool allows you to choose a map service and redefine its set of scales, adding or deleting scales as necessary.

When you specify the scale levels in this tool, make sure you include the full list of scales that you want; any scales not appearing in the list are deleted.