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16 Feb

So I got the idea of this from a Joshler fic called Surrounding All My Surroundings and another Joshler fic called Kik not even gonna lie but this isn't gonna be the exact same story as either of those. Who knew that one night and a kik message the following day from the leader of his rival fraternity would lead Link down a path of wonder and betrayal on both parties behalves. There was, however, one thing that he was completely certain about: He was royally screwed, and not in the way he would have liked. Link Carson, leader of Kappa Phi, and Alex Gaskarth, leader of Sigma Nu, have been at war since Link's older brother Cody and Alex's older brother Thomas were the leader, or maybe even since Link's father and Alex's father were the leaders. All of her life, Eliza has been raised by her adoptive, abusive parents.

“You waste your money on the dumbest shit.” He murmured under his breath hoping Calum didn’t hear him. Do you think they will ever get married and have kids? The ones we know for sure to be about Lisa are Noel — despite Lisa’s denial, but it is her middle name, so what are the chances Alex would name it that just because? They were cute and all, I guess, and I was warming to them by the end of Warped Tour. You’re welcome to use my name but I don’t want to put it on a permanent page on the blog. I don’t think they’ll be having kids for a good few years yet though. We’ll never know all of them since it’s probably a vast number and Alex will never let on. Besides, I struggle to ship Taylex because I totally ship Baradine. He stated that in some extremely uncomfortable Bryan Stars interview. I have an ESP/LTD Ec-256 in aged honey burst that looks like one of Whakaio's (from Tonight Alive) which might be the reason I love it so much and an ESP/LTD Vintage 214 Ash PJ bass. Follow me and be a part of my fluffy family I have two upcoming stories dedicated to my gurrrl.