American girl dating a kenyan man

07 Mar

She went on, blinking her eyes and laughing: “I hear Europeans kiss a lot, buy you flowers, spend hours looking at you, staring into your eyes.” I looked at her cheeky face across the counter, bemused. But I had always hoped to marry from outside my tribe, after all, my middle name means “of outside,” and I would be living up to it. Let’s give credit where it is due: I don’t think there are men in Kenya that can sweet talk a woman better than a Luo man. Before I married my husband, we worked together on the same research group. But I had no idea that dating a white guy on the Kenyan coast was such a minefield.I don’t know how many times I have had this sort of conversation. He was this cute guy with an interesting brain – he never said what was expected. With all the sex tourism around here, it would be assumed that I was a commercial sex worker.In Japan, people tend to rely on non-verbal cues more than the literal meaning of messages. There’s nothing wrong with short-term dating and hook-ups.

Why do African men go home to marry the “unknowns” instead of marrying the proven and the reliable here in the US? Once, he was the man who moved mountains and parted the heavens so it rained. The modern times have not been exactly good to him because of the multiplying effects of globalization and modernity. In Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Madagascar and Mauritania, it is about running away from the fetid and stifling conditions that stunts dreams and kill optimism. Therefore, when presented with the opportunity to hop, they pack and run!

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