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19 May

If you're looking for long-term committed love and marriage, say so!

The first date probably isn't the right time for this, but as you get to know the person over several weeks, it's great to talk about what you're truly looking for.

Like most things in Bangkok, introduction agencies come in many different shapes and sizes.

There are many which try to hook up a ‘Thai Bride’ with a Western counterpart, and these can seem like nothing more than a shopping catalogue of potential wives – the whole ethos of this seems a bit ridiculous.

Separate incidents saw workers cut each chicken’s neck without the animal being stunned to reduce pain so the factory could process the usual production line of between 60,000 to 100,000 chickens a day.

The company has supplied chicken either directly or indirectly to Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Indeed, Thai women are one of the country’s most famous characteristics and thousands of them have married expats here or foreigners abroad.

If you’re looking to meet Thai women, Bangkok is the best place to start, since many introduction agencies are based here, and thousands of single women registered with them are intent on meeting a Western man specifically.

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If you're writing a text or email, use a smiley face emoji to indicate warmth and happiness (don't use ten of them — just one is fine)!

Breezing is the newest dating term and if you're a doubter, read on because it's how Jenna Dewan scored Channing Tatum. I knew our connection was really powerful, but I wasn’t sure what our relationship was going to be," the actor wrote in Cosmopolitan. Just be yourself — say what you mean, mean what you say, don't worry about "shoulds" and just go for it.

"Then one day, Jenna just blurted out that she knew exactly what she wanted in life and she didn’t have to look for it anymore because it was me. Here are some tips to be "good" breezy: If you like someone, text them back immediately. In this day of authenticity and a rapidly changing dating landscape, act quickly!

Ranjit Singh Boparan, 1Stop Halal boss, was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £6,000 in costs after his firm admitted causing suffering to 81 chickens.

‘We deeply regret the circumstance which occurred on the 6th July, 2015, during our non-stun slaughter when up to 81 birds were caused unnecessary suffering.